SPR Sejahtera Increase Homeworkers’ Knowledge

29 April 2016
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Hasnidah is a homeworker living in Deli Serdang, North Sumatera. She wraps plastic straws for a living. After spending a day (7-8 hours per day), she only earns IDR 8,000 (80c) for a big sack of straws.

According to Hasnidah, people often underestimate homeworkers in her region due to their low income. Trying to improve this condition, she joined Indonesian Home Worker Union (SPR) Sejahtera a couple of months back.

Prior to joining SPR Sejahtera, she did not know the importance of safety and health at a workplace (K3). After participating in the group meetings, she came to understand the importance of K3. She believes that workplace health and safety procedures are necessary for the well-being of homeworkers. This knowledge has helped its members, including Hasnidah in fighting for their basic rights.

Other than that, Hasnidah actively attends SPR Sejahtera meetings which expanded her knowledge on current homeworkers’ issues. Her active participation has broadened her horizon and increased her confidence.

“Since joining SPR Sejahtera, our members started to develop good work habits. Being actively involved in our group meetings has also increased their knowledge. Now, we are confident to speak up in public,” Hasnidah said.

It did not stop there. Hasnidah and Mislam, chairman of SPR Sejahtera tirelessly encourage homeworkers to become SPR Sejahtera members and join their activities.

“Our prospective members are very enthusiastic to join SPR Sejahtera. They witnessed positive changes in our members in Tanjung Morawa. Through SPR Sejahtera’s guidance, they hope they could be a better person,” she said.

Hasnidah and SPR Sejahtera members hope SPR Sejahtera will be more successful and continuously give their full assistance for homeworkers in Deli Serdang.


Completion of the Most Significant Change story written by Dewi Bernice Tampubolon (BITRA), from Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.