Homenet Surabaya’s Youngest Member Shared on her Organisational Experience

30 December 2016
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Ita Handayani, or Mbak Ita, is one of homeworkers in East Java. She did various kind of jobs, such as worked in a printing company, sold sausages and nuggets, flattened the chicken’s claw for claw’s chip, arranged wedding gifts package, and also took care the children of her neighbor or sibling.

“It has been more than three years of my marriage, but I have not given a child yet. So, in order to have a child quickly, Javanese people said that we should take care the other children as an inducement”, said Ita.

Compared with the other Surabaya HomeNet members, Ita is the youngest. But it does not mean that she has limited contribution. Otherwise, Ita always attended activities organized by Persatuan Perempuan Mandiri 2 group, Lontar Village. She was mandated to be one of the leaders in the group. In declaration of HomeNet formation in Surabaya, Ita presented as delegate from the group and mandated as Sambikerep district coordinator in the Surabaya HomeNet management.

Since then, she increasingly became active in the organization. Together with Yanus, the Chairman of Surabaya HomeNet, Ita spearhead the development efforts in the Lontar village organization’s production. Not only being the originator of the idea and concept, Ita took an active part as an officer who manufactured groups’ products. With her ability to knit, Ita offered to teach the women who are interested and have the talent to knit.

“If I’m the only one who knit, the result is few. But if there’s more people can knit, the result can be a lot,” she explained.

In addition, Ita also pioneered the financial administration organization in Lontar. After getting a workshop on the importance of good administration and finances of organization, Ita started to record every incoming and outgoing of organization’s cash flow.

MWPRI, supported by MAMPU Program, provided many benefits and change to Ita and other women in Lontar.

“Not only met new friends and gained knowledge, I also got new experience. I never participated in any organization before, and I didn’t realize the benefit. But after joining the group, I became actively participated in organization” and realize it, said Ita.

Ita’s changes also being observed by Yanus. She considered Ita as a hardworker.

“Since appointed as district coordinator, Ita diligently invited the people around to attend the group meeting. Ita always spending1-2 hours to gather at my house every day, knitting and discussing about organization development, and also recording every expenditure and income”, said Yanus.

Yanus also mentioned that Ita actively promotes the group’s products to her neighbors and relatives, so there were many people who bought these products through Ita.

Reported by: Ulfatur Rosyidah (MWPRI Field Facilitator)