Juliana: Hijrah to ‘Aisyiyah

31 December 2016
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Juliana (30 years old) is a mother of 3 children who lives in Sejegi Village, East Mempawah, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. She is a woman who has the potential for cancer due to heredity. Two of Juliana’s cousins ​​died of breast cancer stage 3 and 4. But due to economic factors and lacked of information make her eyes closed to the potential of disease.

“At first, I think when I am sick, I will get the treatment. And when it’s time to die, even though I get the treatment, I will still die,” thought Juliana. However, her mindset changed after Juliana became a member of Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah(BSA) Sejegi. Juliana joined BSA Sejegi after getting an invitation from Lia and Ipit who is cadre of BSA Sejegi.

“At that time, I did not know about BSA,” Juliana said. “Then after hearing the explanation of Lia and Ipit, I understand that BSA is a program of ‘Aisyiyah as a women’s organisation of Muhammadiyah delivering programs related to counseling about women’s reproductive health, such as contraception and also breast milk,” explained Juliana.

Juliana also added that at BSA, she can share her problem and also stay in touch with many people.

“Obviously, at the BSA I felt I started to know that woman should know about her health as early as possible,” Juliana said.

“I think it’s important, because before joining BSA, I felt there was no need to do tests like VIA or prevent the disease related to women reproduction.”

“It is sad to remember my counsins’ death, but it also makes me afraid to know about the cancer, because I think similarly with the general community in Sejegi village. They though that it is better not to know about our illness than to know, but has no money for treatment,” recalled Juliana.

During routine activities at BSA, Juliana heard the explanation that one of the factors that trigger cancer is heredity. This made Juliana anxious so that she talked about her family’s health condition to Lia. Then, Lia suggested Juliana to take the VIA Test and Sadarnis test that would be held by ‘Aisyiyah.

“I remember very well how my heart was pounding while taking the Sadarnis and VIA tests,” said Juliana. Especially the husband did not agree if Juliana do the health check.

“Why you took VIA test, what for? Well, you’re not sick now, so what for doing the test?,” said her husband. However, Juliana keep taking the test while saying to herself. “Hopefully my husband is not angry with me since the one who know with my self is my self, I’m sorry, dear my husband.”

Fear also overshadowed Juliana because she imagined how hurt the VIA test using a tool called a duck mouth or speculum. “But after the VIA and Sadarnis tests, it did not hurt at all and Alhamdulillah* my test results are negative”,Juliana said happily.

After taking the VIA test, she told her husband about the result and later her husband support Juliana to keep active in ‘Aisyiyah. “My husband smiled after I told my negative test results, because I couldn’t lie to my husband,” said Juliana.

BSA’s activities brought a meaningful change for her, starting from her awareness of health as well as her desire to start wearing hijab (headscarf). “I’m getting interested in the hijab by Aisyiyah members.” Although she claimed she has only started wearing the hijab occasionally, but in the future she hopes to be more accustomed to wearing hijab to cover her body.

Juliana’s positive change also makes her motivated to tell the information about VIA and SADARNIS test to other woman. “I would like to share and encourage the other woman to participate in ‘Aisyiyah counseling and encourage them to do VIA test because the benefits are extraordinary.”

Written by: Sri Eliyati

*thank to God