Kartini in the Eyes of Azriana

21 April 2017
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In the commemoration of Kartini Day, MAMPU wants to show “Kartini in the eyes of Indonesian women figure” who are struggling for the women’s interest.

One of them is Azriana. Azriana or Nana, is the Chairperson of National Commission of Women (Komnas Perempuan) for the 2015-2019 period.

She got her bachelor degree from Law Faculty of Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh. She has undergone various activities that focused on women issues, such as: Secretary General of Women Volunteer for Humanity (2010-2014), Coordinator of East Timor Volunteer for Humanitarian (2000-2006), Commissioner of Komnas Perempuan (2007-2009), Lawyer at LBH APIK Aceh (2000-2014), Management Board of LBH APIK Aceh (2004-2009), Presidium of Balai Syura Ureung Inong Aceh (2000-2005) and lawyer at LBH Iskandar Muda Lhoksumawe (1995-1996).

Here is the interview between MAMPU and Azriana about Kartini and her struggle.


What do you usually hear about Kartini and Kartini Day?

Kartini is the figure of woman emancipation in Indonesia, while Kartini Day is commemorated with various activities that describe women’s gender roles and speeches that confirm women’s stereotypes.

But lately there has been a change. Kartini Day celebrations are now filled with discussion forums that explore Kartini’s struggle.


Which side of Kartini that you want people to know more about her struggle?

Kartini’s struggle for diversity.

Kartini was a figure who greatly valued diversity and puts all humankind equally regardless their background. Religion for Kartini was not just some certain symbols, but the whole teaching of human goodness.

In addition, Kartini did not only pay attention to the issue of women’s education, but also on efforts to obtain equality before the law for women.

In her way, Kartini fought against children marriage.


What are Kartini’s struggle and values that you took for your own struggle through Komnas Perempuan?

I took persistence and consistency, courage and humility from Kartini’s figure.


Is there any achievement that you are most proud in your struggle for the rights and interests of Indonesian women?

Some of the achievements are the collective action on advocating Indonesian women’s sexual violence Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence, suspending the death penalty of trafficked women victims in drug syndication, freeing women whom being criminalised for criticising local policies of blasphemy and giving access to women victims of violence to the services.