Learning to Respect Others and Raise Children through Rifka Annisa

30 December 2016
Penulis: admin

I am Fitri, a resident of Gunungkidul regency who often participates in Rifka Annisa activities, one of Indonesia Women Crisis Center Network (FPL) in Yogyakarta a partner of Indonesia’s National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan). The first time I met with Rifka Annisa when I participated in Workshop on Violence Treatment Program for Women and Children held by Rifka Annisa and Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama, one of autonomous bodies of Nahdlatul Ulama.

Supported by MAMPU, Rifka Annisa provided insight to public that gender inequality and violence against women are problems faced by both women and men. Rifka Annisa believed that gender equality could be achieved if both women and men support and respect each other. I believe these ideas. This belief triggered me to actively participate in Rifka Annisa’s workshops and trainings.

As a busy teacher, sometimes I forget to communicate with my husband who works from home. Thanks to Rifka Annisa, I learned to build a better communication with my husband. Now, I am grateful for many positive changes in me and my family.

Trough Rifka Annisa, we learn to respect each other and raise our children together. The team taught us to put ourselves as a friend for our children. They also taught us to not use violence to educate and discipline our children since it would lead to child’s psychological problems.

I shared the knowledge that I gained from Rifka Annisa not only to my husband but also to my neighbors in my regency. In fact, some of them are now participating actively in Rifka Annisa activities. Now, residents in Gunungkidul and I respect each other, not only in families but also in larger communities.

I was appointed as a counselor for Muslimat NU due to my active participation in Rifka Annisa’s and Muslimat NU’s activities.

It did not stop there. I also often share the knowledge, in particularly parenting knowledge at parent-teacher conferences in my school, I feel grateful. Now, parents at my school have a better understanding on task division in household and child education because of Rifka Annisa’s supports.

Armed with this knowledge, we determined to build a warm and harmonious family.

Thank you Rifka Annisa!