Supported by SPR Sejahtera, a Homeworker now has Improved Livelihood

31 December 2017
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I am Nurhayati, a rotisserie wire weaver who lives in in Tanjung Morawa, North Sumatra. I used to live in South Tapanuli but due to a challenging family economic situation, my husband and I decided to move to Tanjung Morawa in 2014.

From then onward, my husband works as an employee in a factory. I earn additional income by working as a wire weaver in a home-based business. As a homeworker, I am getting paid based on the amount of weaved wires I have completed. The more I make, the more wages I earn. Weaving wire consumed most of my time, however, I felt the wage that I earn is incomparable with the job. It barely suffices to make ends meet. I felt that this wage system is detrimental to homeworkers.

Trying to improve this condition, I looked for help. Knowing my problems, my friends told me to join Indonesian Home Worker Union (SPR) Sejahtera, one of BITRA Indonesia Foundation’s and MAMPU’s assisted groups. After becoming a member of SPR Sejahtera, I joined their activities such as assistance for homeworkers, education on deliberation for communities and organisation management. I hoped I could reach my true potential through these activities.

Prior to meeting SPR Sejahtera and BITRA Indonesia Foundation, I was terrified of public speaking. I had always been nervous when I came to village meetings. I could not even communicate my feelings to my husband about our unequal task management at home.

However, this changed after I joined the trainings conducted by these two groups. I felt positive changes in myself and my husband. I found courage to negotiate with my employer about my wage. Now, I earn a proper wage. I am also able to communicate my feelings about the division of works within my family. Now my husband understands my feelings. He helps me out to do domestic works. I am glad that by implementing division of works in my family has triggered the sense of mutual respect between us. Now, we live a decent and harmonious life.

I would like to thank SPR Sejahtera and BITRA Indonesia Foundation because through their supports my husband and I have a better life now.

Go SPR Sejahtera! Go BITRA Indonesia Foundation!

Written by: Nurhayati (SPR Sejahtera)