Supported by MWPRI, a Home Worker Successfully Negotiated for Her Raise

19 January 2016
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Supriatin is a home worker from Blimbing, Malang, East Java. She has two sons who are still in school. Although she only studied until second grade of high school, Supriatin wanted her children to achieve higher education than her.

Before taking a sewing job, Supriatin was worked in a Supermarket located in the Malang City main square, while her husband worked in Kanjuruhan Stadium parking lot. Unfortunately, Supriatin’s husband got an accident, and he was forced to sell his parking lot for treatment cost.

Supriatin must works hard to provide her family needs by taking sewing job in Altara store. Within a month, she worked for 20 days and each day she completed 12 clothes in 6 hours. She got Rp. 2,500 per piece.

In October 2015, Supratin began to join the The National Network Friends of Indonesian Women Homeworkers (MWPRI), supported by MAMPU Program. With the assistance of MWPRI facilitators, Supriatin and other women in her village formed a group called ‘the Orchid Group’ and Supriatin mandated as the secretary.

She felt the benefits of joining MWPRI activities and she was happy for being able to know her rights as home worker.

Mantun angsal informasi niku kulo nyobak dateng juragan nyuwun kenaikan upahAlhamdulillah dipun paringi masio namung gangsalatus rupiah per biji”*, said Supriatin in Javanese.

(*After getting the information about my rights as worker, I tried to met my boss and asked him to raise my salary. Even it was only Rp 500,- per piece of clothing, my salary was increased).

Supriatin greatly benefited from the MWPRI – MAMPU program. She got a lot of knowledge and skills. Together with Orchid group, she wishes to have a progress and changes in her lives.

Reported by: Erna Al Maghfiroh (MWPRI Field Facilitator)

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