MAMPU Calls Indonesian Children to MampuBeraniBersikap (Dare to Act)

2 November 2020
Author: Amron Hamdi

MAMPU engaged 15 youths to voice out their aspiration in 10 districts/cities through digital campaign that lasted for about 1 month starting from the end of August until September 2020. The activity was supported by 6 MAMPU Partners working on child marriage prevention, namely The Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy (KPI), Yayasan Kesehatan Perempuan (YKP), Yayasan BaKTI, Yayasan PEKKA, PERMAMPU, and Yayasan PUPA.

The campaign was given the title “Mampu Berani Bersikap” (Dare to Act) and was accessible on Facebook (MAMPU Berani Bersikap) and Instagram (@mampu.berani.bersikap). The activities included Instagram Live Class of Dream Academy (Akademi Mimpi), WhatsApp Group Class (for parents), Live Talkshow on Instagram, Writing Competition, and Dare to Start a Business (Kelas Berani Usaha) Workshop that taught how to make face masks.

The Dream Declaration (Deklarasi Mimpi) was the peak of the campaign event. Attended by 15 young champions from 9 selected provinces, they recited their resolution to pursue their dreams and reject child marriage.

Kate Shanahan, MAMPU Team Leader, also explained about MAMPU’s support to this digital campaign. “Indonesian future’s sustainability lies in the hands of Indonesian children. The fact that child marriage rate is still very high should become our serious concern,” she explained.

Civil society organizations and networks involved in this campaign have been working for so long in the advocating measures to amend Law No. 1 of 1974 on marriage, which originally dictated age 16 as the minimum marriage age for women and 19 for men. “MAMPU Program and its implementing partners have been involved and supporting the efforts of child marriage prevention, including by pushing for the amendment of Law on Marriage that increased the minimum age of marriage since 2019.”