Project Brief: MAMPU in South Sulawesi

MAMPU partnered with 5 civil society organisations in South Sulawesi to increase women’s access to government services and programs. In total, MAMPU partners worked in 89 villages in 10 districts/cities, including in Tana Toraja (BaKTI), Takalar (‘Aisyiyah, KPI), Pangkajene and Islands (Pangkep) (‘Aisyiyah, BaKTI), Maros (BaKTI), Parepare city (BaKTI), Makassar city (BaKTI, KAPAL Perempuan, KPI), Jeneponto (KPI), Bone (PEKKA), Barru (KAPAL Perempuan), Bantaeng (‘Aisyiyah, KPI)

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    October 2019