Approaches to Women’s Economic Empowerment

Over the course of the MAMPU, we’ve had to explore some deceptively simple sounding questions about women’s economic empowerment, including:

‘How does women’s economic empowerment fit with women’s empowerment in general?’

‘Is income generation the most important part of economic empowerment?’

‘Is income generation even necessary?’

‘How can organisations that don’t have business background run successful women’s economic empowerment projects?’

While we don’t claim to know all the answers, over the last eight years our MAMPU partners have been grappling with these issues and building their expertise. We want to share some of what they’ve learned with a wider audience to help contribute to the national and global efforts to empower women. Our paper, Approaches to Women’s Economic Empowerment, tells of what we have learned, and what we can recommend form this to other organisations and programs with an economic empowerment agenda.

Our paper provides lessons and recommendations specifically for civil society organisations and development programs who are interested in this topic.  Download the full issue below.

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  • Publication date:

    December 2020