Migrant CARE

Migrant CARE works to strengthen the protection of women migrant workers from exploitation and discrimination by improving the protection and services provided by the government. Supported by MAMPU, Migrant CARE has expanded its network to 5 provinces, 8 districts and 37 villages.


Approach developed as MAMPU Partner:

  • Expanding networks and advocacy from national to village levels to protect Indonesian migrant workers.
  • Formed migrant worker groups and developed the DESBUMI (Village that Cares for Migrant Workers) initiative in 37 villages.
  • DESBUMI is supported through local government regulations to provide village-based services for migrant workers before, during and after migration including: pre-departure training, financial literacy, case handling, and supporting access to government services and programs such as social protection and economic programs for former migrants.
  • Advocacy for a new national Law on the Protection of Migrant Workers (UU PPMI No.18/2017) was passed in 2017. Migrant CARE continues to advocate for draft implementing regulations including labour inspection and social protection for migrant workers.

Achievements through the MAMPU Program:

  • Using evidence from DESBUMI, Migrant CARE successfully advocated for the new Law on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (No. 18 of 2017). Two thirds of Migrant CARE’s proposals for changes to the 2004 law on migrant workers were incorporated into the revised law.
  • DESBUMI model has been established in 36 villages. By forming village-level migrant worker groups, migrant workers and their families are empowered to participate actively in government meetings on development planning and budgeting known as Musrenbang in all 8 districts.
  • Through membership in women’s groups, DESBUMI has strengthened grassroots women’s leadership. A number of the members have been elected as members of the Village-level Consultative Body (BPD) in Banyuwangi, Wonosobo, Jember and Central Lombok
  • In 2017, successfully advocated for a Regional Regulation on the Protection of Banyuwangi District Workers Abroad (No.15/2017 ) and Central Lombok Regent Regulation on One-Stop Integrated Services (No.9/2017).
  • Integrated Service Centres in 8 districts are funded by the village fund (dana desa), to support case-
  • In Central Lombok, village governments have allocated village funds ranging from IDR 5 million to IDR 60 million for programs to protect migrant workers and their families.
  • In 2017 the Ministry of Manpower launched their ‘Desmigratif’ model for village-based services for migrant workers. Known as ‘Productive Migrant Village’ it is being rolled out in 50 districts across Indonesia, and was influenced by DESBUMI.
  • In 2018, DESBUMI and Desmigratif integration commenced in 5 MAMPU villages (Kuripan, Wonosobo, Banyuwangi and Indramayu).
Migrant CARE

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