Women-Headed Family Empowerment (PEKKA) Foundation

Since 2000, Women-Headed Family Empowerment (PEKKA) Foundation has focused on empowering female heads of families to improve their livelihoods and to encourage them to be active in social and political life. Supported by the MAMPU Program, PEKKA works in 20 provinces, 34 districts, and 129 villages.


Approach developed as MAMPU Partner:

  • Their KLIK PEKKA model extends government services through mobile information and consultation events to reach poor and isolated women heads of families to increase their access government social protection programs.
  • Building the leadership and organizational capacity of female headed families.
  • Increasing women’s economic empowerment through forming savings and loans groups and supporting small business activities through their PEKKA MART.


Achievements through MAMPU Program:

  • Formed more than 600 local women’s groups involving 10,800 female heads of families, and mentored up to 5,000 female cadres.
  • More than 50,000 residents in PEKKA work areas have consulted PEKKA through the KLIK PEKKA mobile information services.
  • Supported access to 1000 birth certificates as part of the government’s ‘100,000 National Birth Certificate’
  • KLIK PEKKA has been replicated with government funding in four villages in Sukabumi (West Java) and 5 sub-districts of Baubau City (Southeast Sulawesi).
  • In 2018, the Head of Sukabumi District in West Java signed a regulation to integrate KLIK PEKKA into the governments Integrated Services and Referral System (SLRT) in 386 villages to improve data and access to social protection.
  • Advocacy on Legal Identity Services (village regulations on Itsbat Marriage, Social and Health Funds) in various working areas of MAMPU.
Women-Headed Family Empowerment (PEKKA) Foundation

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