The Eastern Indonesia Knowledge Exchange (BaKTI) Foundation collects and distributes information on development programs and assistance in Eastern Indonesia and has supported local development actors to collaborate and harmonise different initiatives since 2009.

MAMPU supports BaKTI’s work in reducing violence against women (VAW) by improving parliamentary engagement in 85 villages, 7 districts across 5 provinces in Indonesia.

Approach developed as MAMPU Partner:

  • Establishing Constituent Groups as grassroots community groups to advocate for the rights of women including eliminating violence against women.
  • Developing Participatory Recess model that brings Constituent Groups and local parliamentarians together in public consultation to ensure important issues raised by the community are included in policy, legislation and regional development planning and budgets.

Achievements through the MAMPU Program:

  • Guidelines for Participatory Recess have been compiled and conducted by 26 legislative members in 7 regencies/cities.
  • Assisting the Service Providers Forum (FPL) to replicate the Participatory Recess initiative in Sleman District, Bengkulu City, and South Minahasa District to improve services for victims of violence, including women and girls with disability.
  • BaKTI’s close cooperation with the Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Office in Maros City, South Sulawesi, has contributed to improvements in government services that handle cases of violence (P2TP2A).
  • Established a Gender Responsive Planning & Budgeting Clinic to review government planning and budgeting documents.
  • Expanding Community Based Services (LBK) in 135 villages where BaKTI works.
The Eastern Indonesia Knowledge Exchange (BaKTI) Foundation

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