The Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy (KPI)

The Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy (KPI) has been advocating on behalf of poor and marginalised women to promote gender equality and justice since 1998. Supported by the MAMPU Program, KPI works in 8 provinces, 30 districts and 78 villages to increase women’s access to social protection programs.

Approach developed as MAMPU Partner:

  • Establish “Balai Perempuan” women’s groups to strengthen women’s leadership, advocacy and community organising.
  • Balai Perempuan groups have developed the PIPA-JKN initiative, an Information, Complaints and Advocacy Centre for the National Health Insurance (JKN) to monitor women’s access to JKN and other social protection programs.
  • 74 PIPA-JKN Complaints centres have been established in 8 provinces.


Joint advocacy for regulations and funding for:

  • Including people with disability to automatically qualify in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 82 of 2018 on Health Insurance to access the national health insurance government subsidised premiums program, known as JKN-PBI.
  • Law Number 8 of 2016 on Persons with Disabilities.
  • Law Number 7 of 2016  on the Protection and Empowerment of Fishermen, Fish Cultivators and Salt Fishers, including protections and access to government programs to support fisher women.
  • District regulations to improve access to social protection for people with disabilities have been passed in Bengkulu and Padang in Sumatra, and Makassar in South Sulawesi between 2016-2018.
    • In 2018, 206 “Healthy Indonesia Cards for the Poor” (JKN-PBI) issued by the district social services office to poor women in Bantaeng, in South Sulawesi, based on data collected by Balai Perempuan and PIPA-JKN.
    • In 2018, Public Consultations held by KPI in their working villages have recorded 16,000 complaints on access to social protection.
The Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy (KPI)

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