Yayasan Annisa Swasti (Yasanti)

Since 1982, Yayasan Annisa Swasti (Yasanti) has empowered women, especially women workers, through community organizing, education, advocacy, and strengthening women’s financial independence. In 2014, MAMPU supported Theme 2 Partners including Yasanti through the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to undertake a mapping study on the conditions of homeworkers and other home-based informal workers to strengthen advocacy for their recognition in national and local laws and regulations. MAMPU supports Yasanti’s activities to empower homeworkers in 2 provinces, 4 districts/cities and 30 villages.


Approach developed as MAMPU Partner:

  • Advocacy for local and national regulations to provide legal protection and access to social protection, national health insurance, worker health and safety and other government programs for women homeworkers and their family members.
  • Organizing more than 395 women homeworkers in 15 groups in 30 villages in Yogyakarta and Central Java.
  • Strengthening the capacity of women homeworkers through education and training.
  • Women’s feminist and leadership education program implemented in Central Java and Yogyakarta Provinces.
  • Strengthening women homeworkers’ economic empowerment through formation of collectively-owned business.


Achievements through MAMPU Program:

  • Academic papers and draft national regulation on Protection of Homeworkers have been presented to the Central Java and Yogyakarta Provincial government.
    • Parliament of Yogyakarta Special Region (DPRD DIY) has conducted a study on the recognition and protection of homeworkers as a basis to develop the Draft Provincial Regulation on Informal Workers.
    • Government of Yogyakarta through the Law Bureau of the Regional Office of Manpower (Disnaker) has commenced drafting a Governatorial regulation on homeworkers expected to be completed by 2020.
  • Women Homeworker Groups are now invited to participate in village development through village planning meetings (Musrenbang) in Bantul and Yogyakarta Districts in DKI Yogyakarta, and Semarang District, Central Java Province.
    • This has enabled homeworkers to advocate for access to government training programs, health check-ups, support from the DI Yogyakarta branch of Indonesian businesswomen organisation (IWAPI DPD DIY) on Workers’ Health and Safety (K3), business support and other training from the village fund, district or other government agencies in the district/city and province.
  • Industrial relations labour court in Central Java Province awarded in favour of a homeworker who was laid off by her contracting company, recognising her status as a worker. Yasanti supported the case through cooperation with local legal aid organisation.
Yayasan Annisa Swasti (Yasanti)

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