MAMPU Partners Showcase 10 Grassroots Women Leaders through Hashtag #MajuPemimpinPEREMPUAN (Advance WOMEN Leaders)

2 November 2020
Author: Amron Hamdi

Carrying the spirit to advance women leadership, MAMPU and its partners, Institut KAPAL Perempuan, Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia (KPI), and Yayasan PEKKA, encourage more Indonesian women to make contribution and strengthen women’s leadership through social media campaigns under the hashtag MajuPemimpinPEREMPUAN, which was used on Facebook account “Maju Pemimpin Perempuan” and Instagram account @MajuPemimpinPerempuan.

Other than on Facebook and Instagram, various classes were held on Whatsapp and Zoom webinars. In the series of activities various experts and activists from diverse backgrounds were invited. The classes teach various topics, such as digital security and online gender-based violence (OGBV), financial literacy, and even gardening at home.

“Women leadership is not only important to push for gender equality in Indonesian society, but also to open more access to all Indonesian women so that they can create changes not only for themselves but for all women and community around them, including through policy making,” explained Kate Shanahan, MAMPU Program Team Leader, in one of the class opening
sessions. She added that the digital campaign initiated by 3 MAMPU Partners for ‘Women’s Leadership Based on the Principle of Tolerance’ agenda is expected to amplify the works of grassroots women during their engagement with MAMPU Program.

“Through the digital campaign of #MajuPemimpinPEREMPUAN, the journey and results of struggle of grassroots women were compiled and are expected to inspire more #PerempuanMAMPU out there to keep striving together and helping each other to create one change after another in their community,” Kate concluded.

The #MajuPemimpinPEREMPUAN campaign lasted from August – September 2020. In the implementation, the campaign directly engages 10 grassroots women leaders who have shown their dedication to women movement by pushing for accessibility of essential services for women and promoting gender equality in their surrounding.