Juliani: Apprenticeship Brings Benefits

16 January 2016
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I am Juliani, a Vice Chairman of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) of Home Worker Union (SPR) Sejahtera in Deli Serdang, North Sumatera. I have been serving as the Vice Chairman of DPD SPR Sejahtera for a year. I am happy and proud of SPR Sejahtera members’ trust in me.

At first, I did not understand tactical programs I should run as the Vice Chairman. Knowing this, SPR Sejahtera offered me an intership at the United Trade Unions of Indonesia (SBBI). Assited by Dahlan Ginting Chief of SBBI, I gained a comprehensive understanding on numerous topics during my internship. One of the most memorable experiences is when I participated in a case handling process in District Court of Medan. Through this, I understood case handling process in court. On the next day, SPR Sejahtera took me to Municipal Representative of the Manpower Ministry (Disnaker) of Medan to attend a mediation hearing. From there Disnaker Medan, Dahlan and I rushed to North Sumatera Trade Union Alliance meeting in The National Workers Union (SPN) office to further discuss about the Government Regulation No. 78/2015 on Remuneration. This eye-opening experience gave me a comprehensive understanding about the laws corncerning workers’ remuneration.

I was able to voice our aspirations, in particular in wage fulfillment. I am getting more excited to learn to be a good leader. This experience not only taught me about complaints and and settlement, but it also gave me a vision to further support fellow homeworkers.

I hope I can make SPR Sejahtera be more successful.


Regards, Juliani


Written by: Juliani

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