Indonesia Foundation for Rural Capacity Building (BITRA)

Established in 1986, Indonesia Foundation for Rural Capacity Building (BITRA) works to increase community empowerment of rural communities through policy advocacy, strategic alliances, and education and training. Supported by the MAMPU Program, BITRA works in 30 villages in 4 districts in North Sumatra Province.

Programs undertaken as MAMPU Partner:

  • Since 2014, organizing more than 1,700 women workers to form ‘Home Workers Groups’ in their areas.
  • Developing the capacity of homeworkers through regular discussion, training, awareness raising, Capacity Building Schools (Sekolah Peningkatan Kapasitas), and forming homeworkers’ unions and credit unions (CU).
  • Represent and accompany their members in discussions and negotiations with employers and companies to increase the wages and welfare of homeworkers.
  • Policy advocacy with government and local parliament to develop local regulations that protect home workers.
  • Advocacy to access to government National Health Insurance through the Healthy Indonesia Card (JKN-KIS) for 1,841 homeworkers and their family members.

Achievements through MAMPU Program:

  • Homeworkers’ network has formed 28 credit unions in Sumatra comprising of 500 members, with seven groups are starting micro enterprises.
  • Undertook homeworker data collection and mapping in North Sumatra (Binjai, Langkat, Deli Serdang, and Medan).
    • This evidence has been used by Theme 2 partners to draft academic papers and draft a national regulation to protect homeworkers which was submitted to the Minister of Manpower in 2018 (led by TURC).
    • In North Sumatra, the provincial government has listed a draft regulation on the 2018 planned legislation list (Prolegda) on Employment (Ranperda Ketenagakerjaan) which includes the protection of homeworkers.
  • In 2018, advocated for wage increases for 150 homeworkers in North Sumatra and allowance to cover production and electricity costs.
Indonesia Foundation for Rural Capacity Building (BITRA)

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