Homeworkers Union (SPR) Recruited 11 Members in a Month

30 December 2016
Penulis: admin

My name is Karlina. Last September 2016, I joined community organisation training conducted by Homeworkers Union (SPR) Sejahtera at Grand Antares Hotel in Medan. Participants of this training are the SPR’s core managers in the Regional Board (DPD), the Branch Board (DPC) Medan, the Branch Board (DPC) Deli Serdang, and some of group’s management. There were 30 participants in this training.

As the follow-up plan for this training, we participants, whom called “Team 30”, have a shared commitment to organise homeworkers in each region. Every participant should be able to invite and organise 11 homeworkers to become SPR Sejahtera’s members.

I was entrusted as vice chairman of SPR DPC Medan City. I felt fully responsible for this task. Therefore, at the end of September 2016, I started to go in and out of the village to invite homeworkers around Medan Marelan District.

In October, I met a homeworker named Bu Evi who lived in Siobak Lingkungan, Marelan. When I spoke to her, at first Bu Evi thought that I was an owner or agent who would give her a new job. Then Bu Evi called other villagers to come. In 10 minutes, 20 homeworkers came to her house. The majority of women in the Lingkungan VII Penghulu Lama were homeworkers for nearly a year.

I was very happy to meet Bu Evi and her home workers friends. After explaining to them about SPR organisation, then I invited them to join SPR. I also asked them to set up a group of home workers in the near future.

On 13 October 2016, the SPR Field Facilitator for Medan and I held a person-to-person contact discussion by inviting women homeworkers to discuss about homeworkers and SPR. In the discussion, I was very surprised to hear that the information of my arrival was spread immediately to other neighborhoods. They asked for the formation of homeworkers group.

On 28 November 2016, women home workers in this area held a “Konferta” or Member Level Conference. I was proud of the formation of this home workers group. I have fulfilled the target to invite 11 homeworkers per month for November 2016.

Later on, I keep looking for more homeworkers in several places and sectors to set up other home workers group.

Written by: Karlina