Consolidation of Women Homeworkers (PPR) Leaders in Yogyakarta and Central Java

26 May 2017
Author: admin

Women Homeworkers (PPR), which is supported by MAMPU, held a consolidation for leaders of women homeworkers throughout Yogyakarta and Central Java on May 25, 2017. This consolidation was attended by 12 representatives from PPR Yogyakarta and 12 people from PPR Central Java.

In this activity, each PPR representative shared their activities related to organising and campaigning in their respective areas, and also their achievements and challenges faced by the union.

The Women’s Union Federation of Home Workers in Bantul District, Yogyakarta has received support from the Regency and 5 villages for federation at the regency level. While SPPR Ngudi Makmur has been registered in Bantul Office of Manpower and Transmigration (Disnakertrans) and participated in Health and Safety (K3) training from Disnakertrans Yogyakarta.

As for HBW Mandiri Ungaran, Central Java together with the network have conducted public hearings to the DPRD and the Regent of Semarang  on May Day, as well as advocating the case of Giyati to filing a lawsuit process to court.

After the discussion, participants were asked to be in pair and shared their experience and work that has been done. That way, they got to know each other, and also know the condition and work of other participants.

One of the participants shared her experience. Wahyu Widiastuti (SPPR Kreatif Bunda Wonolelo) said, “The fate of Mrs. Basiroh is the same as mine whom become the backbone of the family. We feel great and can survive in any condition. We support the family. For wages, my condition is better. Formerly Bu Basiroh sewed baseball sarong which is priced at Rp 750. Currently Mrs. Basiroh pile patchwork for hot pads, every 1 kilogram of cloth priced at Rp 800.”

As the follow up plan of this activity, PPR Yogyakarta together with PPR Central Java agreed to mutually advance each other, and form a group of communication to facilitate and accelerate sharing of information related to achievements and challenges faced.

Reported by: Dian Buana