Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC)

Since 2003, Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC) has been representing workers and building their capacity to organize and advocate to reform local and national labor legislation. Supported by the MAMPU Program, TURC works in 4 provinces, 7 districts and 33 villages to improve conditions of employment and remove workplace discrimination, with a focus on women homeworkers.


Approach developed as MAMPU Partner:

  • Organizing 300 female homeworkers in 22 villages in Solo and Sukoharjo, Central Java.
  • Research on the conditions of homeworkers as a basis for policy position papers and draft regulations.
  • Advocacy for homeworkers who supply products of national and international brands.


Achievements through MAMPU Program:

  • Mapping the conditions of homeworkers in 6 districts/cities in 2 provinces including homeworkers with disability.
  • Led the development of an academic paper and draft Ministerial Regulation on Protection of Home Workers which was submitted to the Minister of Manpower in 2018.
  • Established cooperatives of women’s homeworkers groups in Cirebon.
  • Advocated for wage increases and access to Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) training provided by employers.
  • Theme 2 Partners together undertook research on the conditions of homeworkers in the garment, footwear and rattan industries supply chains. The results were shared with stakeholders, academics and employers in Jakarta, Tangerang, Sukabumi, Cirebon, Solo and Sukoharjo. This evidence has informed the advocacy and content of the draft national regulation on homeworkers protection.
  • To strengthen national level advocacy, in May 2018, Partners launched the national Indonesia Homeworkers Network (JPRI) as a national umbrella advocacy organization representing regional networks of women homeworkers (JPPRI).
Trade Union Rights Centre (TURC)